Classic Kit

Classic Kit
JUMPER CABLES We can’t say it enough: get them, stow them, know how to use them. Our twelve-foot, copper-plated jumper cables are sure to save the day. Clamps are clearly marked ‘positive’/’negative’; 350 Amp.
TIRE PRESURE GAUGEKnow your car’s optimal tire pressure! Stay informed with this portable gauge. Reads up to 100 p.s.i.
TWO WAY SCREWDRIVERSwitch modes to take care of both common screw types. A must-have.
GLOW STICKSPower up nighttime visibility for you and your passengers. One stick provides 6 to 8 hours of glow. Handy in case of roadside raves.
PENA twist-to-write pen ready to fill out accident reports, leave a note on the windshield, or get coveted autographs.
BOX CUTTERStainless steel blade and sturdy plastic casing. Special lock keeps blade in place and secure when not in use.
REFLECTIVE BELT#VISIBILITY, day and night. Our reflective belt helps you stay seen and safe. ALWAYS use caution on roadsides.
POCKET-SIZE FACIAL TISSUEWhen the going gets tough, the tough are always glad to have tissues. Reusable pack of 10 tissues.
DUCT TAPESmashed taillights, cracked windows, busted mirrors -- a generous helping of duct tape can hold you over til you get to a repair shop.
TWINETough and versatile. A good temporary fix for all kinds of ‘surprises’ on the road. 30m (98.4 ft).
PONCHODon’t let the world rain on your parade. Guard yourself against roadside splash and splatter with this poncho. 90 x 120 cm (35.5 x 47 in).
PEPPER SPRAYTake charge of your personal safety. Read warning label before using.
LED FLASHLIGHTMolded in rubberized plastic, this white LED flashlight will last about 6 hours on three AAA batteries (included).
HAND SANITIZER Because fixing a flat gets messy. For external use only.
FIRST AID KIT A smart driving essential, this kit contains everything you need to temporarily treat minor injuries. Includes scissors, alcohol pads, gauze pads and bandages, medical tape, plastic gloves and tweezers.
MINI ICE SCRAPPERIcy conditions are challenging enough without a frosted windshield. Take a deep breath, get those gloves- it’s scraping time.
THE FLARED GUIDE Your handy guide to commonly used, misused car terms, and product description.

The FLARED Classic Kit is brimming with smart and easy-to-use resources that’ll keep you safe and confident on the road. Not only does it come equipped with everything from pepper spray to jumper cables, but it also includes a crucial guidebook to help you master their use.

Our Classic Kit Includes: Jumper Cables, Duct Tape, Two-Way Screwdriver, Box Cutter, Reflective Belt, Twine, Pen, First Aid Kit, The FLARED Guide, Poncho, LED Flashlight, Mini Ice Scraper, Pepper Spray, Tire Pressure Gauge,
Glow Sticks, Hand Sanitizer, and Pocket-Size Facial Tissues.

$ 64.99