What is FLARED?

We’re women drivers who care deeply about safety. We’re inspiring confidence and enlightening women along the way. We designed a luxury auto emergency kit to get every woman prepared for what’s out there. TOUR IT here!

Why women?

We saw a need when we realized how often emergency kits are put together from a male perspective. The kits available were rugged, basic, and discouraging. FLARED offers a well-organized kit specially designed to make women feel comfortable and empowered. And because there’s so much you can do for yourself once you know how, we’re here to teach you.

Why do I need a FLARED kit?

It’s not “if”, it’s “when”. Driving without an emergency kit is simply reckless.

I already have a roadside assistance service. Isn’t that enough?

No! The moments after an accident or breakdown are critical, and drivers are at their most vulnerable. With our kit, you get critical tools to protect yourself and call for help. Even if you are unable to self help or the issue is too much for you to handle, FLARED provides you with crucial items you need to stay safe until help arrives. These include but are not limited to our various reflection devices and protective tools.

What’s the safest way to change a tire?

 Glad you asked! While we have provided you with the tools, your owners manual is the best go to for the know how to this and other mechanical emergencies.
This FLARED kit and its contents are not intended as a substitute for the professional advice of your mechanic. Always check your owner’s manual, and follow recommended safety procedures at all times. 

Any emergency situation can test you.
Be confident with your kit on board.
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Who should have a FLARED kit?

 We can’t stress this enough: if you drive a car, you simply can’t afford to be without an emergency kit. The FLARED kit makes a perfect gift for any woman with a car. Celebrate someone you know who just got their driver’s license. Or someone who’s been accident-free for forty years. A FLARED kit will remind your loved ones how much you care about their safety.

Where do I keep my kit?

We recommend you keep your kit where you can get to it quickly. If your car has easy trunk access, that’s perfect. If your vehicle is larger, your kit can fit under the passenger seat. Please note if you choose keep your kit in the back seat, remember to keep it out of children’s hands. We offer a custom adhesive strip to attach your kit securely to any surface. 

How can I get my own?

 Our FLARED kit is available in Classic and Deluxe models. Shop FLARED here.

How do I contact FLARED?

 We welcome your feedback, and your tales of survival on the road. We’re looking forward to hearing from you

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