About Us

Surveys have shown that more than 50 percent of women fess up to calling a male spouse when faced with auto trouble. That same study also showed more than a quarter relied on a roadside service as their emergency plan. So, isn’t it time we closed the auto aptitude gender gap?

Crammed in the back of your trunk you probably have a cumbersome brown, yellow, or orange box designated for auto emergencies. And like us, you are probably not very impressed by it. You might even be downright intimidated by the thing. We don’t blame you. Most auto kits out there seem to assume every driver is an auto expert, providing little to no guidance on how to actually use what’s included. That’s why we created FLARED.

FLARED auto emergency kits empower you with all the tools and information you need to stay safe, alert other drivers, and call for help should an accident occur. They even include some thoughtful extras (think pepper spray, bottled water, and an extra cell phone battery) should you need some extra backup.

Modernizing the Auto Emergency Kit

At FLARED, the mission is simple: empower more women to take auto safety into their own hands. Each kit has been specially designed to provide you with all the important auto emergency essentials you need…and then some.

Taking charge of your own safety is easier than ever with FLARED. From vehicle breakdowns to crashes, FLARED is with you for the long haul.

The FLARED Revolution

Susan Metzger, founder and CEO of FLARED, considered herself a smart and proficient driver—no serious mishaps here. She kept her oil clean and was on a first-name basis with her mechanic. Then, the streak of bad car luck began. A flat tire on the throughway at 1 a.m…a hanging exhaust pipe…a dead battery (twice). And no, she wasn’t driving a cartoon jalopy.

Each time, she found herself helpless because she had neither the proper tools nor the know-how to remedy the situation. Luckily, each time she had a charged cell phone and was in a place where she could receive roadside assistance…but what about next time?

She decided to take charge and purchase an auto emergency kit. However, she quickly became frustrated by the lack of instructions and seeming one-sidedness of the available kits on the market. That’s when Susan made the decision to assemble her own kit, one that catered to her specific concerns as a woman driver. This kit would be all encompassing, organized, easy-to-use, and even a little luxurious.

And so, the FLARED movement was born, helping ensure all drivers feel confident, empowered, and protected on the road.