Guess what? Women are ten percent less likely to get in a car accident than men and are also less likely to drive drunk or get ticketed for speeding, according to Allstate. 

Yep, brag about it — we’re safer drivers…statistically. But accidents still happen, and when they do, we all need to know how to react and stay safe. FLARED kits give you the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to take control should an emergency strike.



Sounds like a no-brainer, though studies have proven it again and again: bad light conditions means accidents are harder to avoid. In fact, even though our brains perceive objects in low light, they may not be able to perceive motion. So as drivers, we’re even more impaired than we think.

The Federal Highway Administration reported that 20 percent of pedestrian casualties occurred while the victim was working on, or next to, a disabled vehicle on a highway.  Not much more needs to be said, these numbers speak volumes.


A major study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that almost 27 percent of annual vehicle crashes happened during turns or lane changes. Don’t risk driving without a secured side mirror, even for a short trip. If your mirror does get lovingly detached, feel free to use the materials  in your FLARED kit to keep it in place.

DEAD DEVICES (why you need a power bank in your vehicle)

According to Popular Mechanics, a high-end lithium battery (like your phone’s) can lose about 20 percent of its capacity after 1,000 charge cycles. Between dwindling battery life, unreliable charge indicators, and other unpleasant surprises, there’s always a risk your phone may go dead unexpectedly. With a portable power bank, your devices are covered in case of emergency.

IMPROPER TIRE PRESSURE: A big cause of crashes

Consumer Reports details the severity of neglecting your tire pressure. There’s a direct link between improper tire inflation and accident risk. 

FLARED tire pressure iconIf you’re driving on a tire that’s under-inflated by more than 25 percent, you’re THREE TIMES as likely to be involved in a crash. Additionally, underinflated tires are more likely to overheat, meaning they’ll affect handling, or worse, pop. You can use the tire pressure gauge included in your FLARED kit to ensure you are safe.


The typical car battery lasts three to five years, but many factors can affect a battery's lifespan, including temperature and weather conditions, device use, vehicle models, and even driving styles: more stopping and starting leads to less efficient battery use. It's hard to predict when a battery will fail, and when it does, be prepared to let the sparks fly with the jumper cables in the kit.

Any emergency situation can test you. Be confident with your FLARED kit on board.
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